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"Well-Balanced Care for the Whole Child "

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Quality Family Child Care & Preschool in Payson, Utah
Our State-Licenced Family Child Care is 
open to children newborn to 12 years old. 
We provide hot, healthy home-cooked meals and a lot of tender loving care in a relaxed, homeschool atmosphere.  Kids of all ages and interests are welcome to come learn and play with us.  We have a big backyard with lots of room for playing, a room devoted to our school, and a playroom full of toys.

Use this link to find useful data about outdoor learning environment
Why choose family child care instead of a child care center or babysitter?  
Complete and individualized Preschool or private Kindergarten offered daily includes Singapore Math, Riggs-Spalding phonics, reading, Handwriting Without Tears, Sonlight Science and other fun subjects.
After-school homework help and Summer School are also available.  Click to learn more about what we do in our School! 
You can go to work knowing that your precious little ones are in a safe, loving, lively family environment far from an over-staffed child care center where babies are isolated and ignored. Our family schedule makes room for everyone. They will be held, loved, listened to, and cared for with great respect.  We have all the toys,  equipment, and experience needed to keep babies and toddlers safe, calm, and happy in the middle of all the action (which is what they love best and where they learn the most)!
Year-Round Enrollment-
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$20 registration fee holds your child(ren)'s spot and allows me to prepare their own personal school or baby materials for them. 
Full-time care $100-125/week
Part-time care $60-75/week

Find more payment and schedule details. FAQ's


Special Parent Incentives Include:
-FREE EVENING each month for errands or date -Parent Blog & Picture CD to preserve your child(ren)'s precious memories 
-PAY ONLINE or with Cash or Check
-One week of free care after a year
Drop-ins are charged at $3 per hour, and are based on spaces available .
School in the morning, quiet time from 1-3, evenings and weekends vary.)
Our house is located at the north end of Payson just off of I-15 or Arrowhead Trail, close to Payson Market and Mt. View Hospital (within Barnett Elementary boundaries).  Transportation to any Payson elementary or area charter school may be possible based on enrollment.
Business Hours Check Schedule
Our day care hours are flexible and are built around the hours you work.  Please call to discuss your schedule...